Polaroid family pics

You can almost taste the magic of analog photography using my vintage Polaroid 636 Close-up camera. Finally I am mastering focus and light. The camera has only two focus settings: 2 to 4 feet and 4 to infinity, but its pretty hard to get the composition and focus right. Same for the lighting, the camera flashes by default (note: every cartridge has its own flat battery, this can only be invented in the nineteen seventies) and the flash power is controlled by a light-sensitive diode. There are three settings: darker – normal – lighter (!), with wide or narrow bars control the …

instant, analog photography

I am expecting a package from Impossible Project today. Excited! Two packs of silver shade B/W and two packs of color analog instant films for my Polaroid 600 camera. Got to learn how to control focus and exposure perfectly!

Analoog is magisch

Wat heerlijk. Je druk af, een machine zet zich in werking, raderen draaien, de machine spuugt een magisch blauw papiertje uit, chemische processen spelen zich voor je ogen af, voorzichtig dek je het af voor licht en daar gebeurt het: een foto. More to come!!